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E-liquids consist for the most part of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in different mixing ratios. In addition, aromas are added and optionally nicotine. With a ready-made product you can immediately see how much nicotine is present. When you take a "base", which is a basic liquid without aroma or nicotine, you can add these ingredients yourself. Nicotine boosters offer the possibility to add the desired concentration of nicotine to the e-liquid.

Note: nicotine is an addictive substance. The sale of nicotine boosters is reserved for people over 18 years old.

What are nicotine boosters?

A nicotine booster consists of a small amount of e-liquid to which a relatively large amount of nicotine has been added. It is specifically intended for mixing with a basic liquid and should not be used on its own. These boosters are used in combination with "Shake-n-Vape" products and for do-it-yourself e-liquids.

Determine the correct mixing ratio

The boosters contain nicotine and liquid, the basic e-liquid contains no nicotine. So you have to make a sum and a sum. To a 50 ml base add 25 ml nicotine booster with an 18 mg / ml concentration to arrive at a 6 mg / ml concentration. Always read the instructions carefully before mixing to determine the correct ratio. If you have any questions, contact the supplier first.

PG and VG

The composition of the nicotine boosters influences the final viscosity of the e-liquid. PG is thinner and more palpable in the throat, VG is thicker and feels softer. The resistance of the damper is directly linked to the optimum mixing ratio of the liquid. So pay close attention to the PG / VG ratio that occurs after mixing. By adding a nicotine booster based on Propylene Glycol, the liquid will become thinner, based on Vegetable Glycerin, on the contrary.

In the Netherlands, the maximum level of nicotine in nicotine boosters is set at 20 mg / ml.

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