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Nitecore battery

Nitecore battery

Nitecore is a Chinese brand that has been producing flashlights since 2007. In addition to products under their own brand name, they also make many articles for other brands. The company is from Sysmax, they also make products under the JETbeam brand name. The brand makes high-quality products that are not only popular for flashlights. The Nitecore battery is also in great demand in the vaping community because of the high capacity of this battery.

IMR 18650

There are many types of batteries, the best known type is probably the AA penlight battery that is used in many devices including remote controls. In mods and boxmods, the standard is 18650. Other types are also used. The number series represents the dimensions. Here the diameter is 18 mm and the length is 65 mm. This makes it an elongated battery that can deliver considerable capacity.

IMR stands for Lithium Ion Manganese Round, this technology is used in the Nitecore battery. IMR batteries have the property that they can deliver a lot of power in a short time. ICR batteries are made again to deliver a constant current for a long time. This means that an IMR type of battery will usually be used for Sub-Ohm fumes, at a lower resistance. With this method, a large amount of vapor must be produced for a short time.

Nitecore battery

Most e-cigarette batteries range from a few hundred milliamperes to a few thousand at most. Just as there is a need for a lot of power with flashlights, this is also the case with DTL fumes. The Nitecore battery delivers a whopping 3100 mAh, so you can use it for a long time and a lot of vapors on one charge. These batteries are sold in pairs, there are also (box) mods that offer space for two batteries at the same time. And otherwise you can keep a spare battery ready. In that case, make sure that no dirt or metal parts can get on the ends. A cover or other form of protection is recommended.

Brand: Nitecore Model: NITECORE 18650 BATTERIJ 3100MAH (2 ST.)
These Nitecore batteries have a capacity of 3100mAh and are sold per 2. The batteries can be charged with an external battery charger, these are available on our webshop.   Content set Nitecore 18650 battery (3100mAh) (2x)   Specifications Article no. 416227_conf Brand..
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