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Not e-cigarettes, but vision about e-cigarettes is harmful

Are e-cigarettes harmful to health? In 2015, no fewer than 78% of the Dutch population indicated that e-cigarettes do indeed cause damage. Only 11% felt that they were not dangerous to health, the rest doubted. But these are the opinions and feelings of a number of people who have been questioned. Are e-cigarettes really harmful to health?

Prehistory policy

The prehistory is the period in which there is no written documentation. So we have to guess what exactly happened then. E-cigarettes have been on the market for around 15 years, 2015 is on the edge of the prehistory of these dampers. Hardly any research had been carried out into the possible effects of fumes, and the products that were available on the market were not sufficiently tested for quality. Yet it is those investigations that in 2020 still form the basis for the anti-vapor policy in the Netherlands. The fact that policymakers still work with the same information as Dutch people in 2015 resembles cavemen who make the policy in The Hague.

Uncovering the facts

Nevertheless, much more research has been done into e-cigarettes in the meantime. Manufacturers are also much more serious than before, not least because of stricter standards. Unlike the tobacco industry, the e-cigarette sector has no intention of robbing customers of life. That would, after all, lead to less income. The cases where things went wrong in recent years come from home-made brews and illegal products that use harmful substances. Just like in the "boot-laying" period in America, bad guests jump into the gap where legal trade is inhibited. E-cigarettes are equated with tobacco, with the same strict regulations. While even the British government states that vapors are at least 95% less harmful than smoking. A lung expert from France compared 1 year of fumes with 1 day of smoking.

Due to scare about proven alternatives, smokers continue their deadly habit, fearing the alternative. Who wants to have these future victims on their conscience?