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oXi e-liquids

oXi e-liquids

oXi e-liquids

oXi e-liquids is a brand that produces liquids for electric cigarettes. These products are made within the European Union with which they comply with the strict legislation on liquids to vaporize with. The items are supplied in 10 ml bottles. There is a choice of various flavors, from sweet fruit flavors to more traditional tobacco flavors. Regarding the nicotine content, every taste is available in:

  • 0 mg: Without nicotine
  • 3 mg: Very light
  • 6 mg: Light
  • 12 mg: Similar to a normal cigarette

Some other brands can supply liquids up to 18 mg, oXi e-liquids are available up to 12 mg. This is similar to a traditional cigarette, but keep in mind that this substance is absorbed into the body in a different way during vapors. For heavy (former) smokers, there is a chance that 12 mg does not meet the need.

Note: Although oXi e-liquids are available in a 0% nicotine variant, it is only possible to order these products when you are older than 18 years. This therefore also applies to vapor articles that do not contain nicotine.

Composition of oXi e-liquids:

  • 50% Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

The PG share provides a slight throat hit, quite a bit of vapor is created and there is plenty of flavor to taste based on this 50/50 ratio.

Overview of the flavors:


  • oXi e-liquid Juicy Peaches: With the sweet taste of juicy peaches.
  • oXi e-liquid Soul Cookies: With the sweet taste of vanilla cookies.
  • oXi e-liquid Sweet Red Berries: With the sweet taste of strawberry (so no berries).
  • oXi e-liquid Tobacco Sweetness: With the taste of tobacco with a sweeter aroma.
  • oXi e-liquid Berry Fresh: Combined with the taste of raspberries, strawberries and menthol (again not a berry taste).
  • oXi e-liquid Tobacco Deluxe: With the taste of tobacco, this aroma is most similar to traditional cigarettes.

These liquids for e-cigarettes are diverse enough to vary with flavors, the range is not so extensive that it becomes unclear. Apart from the Berry Fresh taste, this concerns simple flavors.

Brand: oXi Model: 10ml - Berry Fresh
Een frisse mix van framboos, aardbei en menthol ..
€ 3.50 Ex Tax:€ 2.89
Brand: oXi Model: e-liquid 10ml Tobacco Deluxe
Mooie volle tabaksmaak ..
€ 3.50 Ex Tax:€ 2.89
Brand: oXi Model: 10ml Juicy Peaches
Mooie volle en zachte perzik smaak ..
€ 3.50 Ex Tax:€ 2.89
Brand: oXi Model: 10ml Soul Cookies
Overheerlijke Cookie smaak met vanille ..
€ 3.50 Ex Tax:€ 2.89
Brand: oXi Model: 10ml Sweet Red Berries
Mooie volle zoete aardbei smaak ..
€ 3.50 Ex Tax:€ 2.89
Brand: oXi Model: oXi e-liquid 10ml Tobacco Sweetness
Mooie tabaksmaak, gezoet met vanille en caramel ..
€ 3.50 Ex Tax:€ 2.89
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