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POD System

There are different types of e-cigarettes. Cig-a-likes that look like a normal cigarette, eGo dampers that still have the same cylindrical shape but are already more advanced, mods and box mods that you can compile and set up yourself, and that is also the POD System. This last device belongs to the latest generation of electric cigarettes, although the comparison with normal tobacco cigarettes is hardly applicable anymore. Apart from the ease of use, because a POD System has been developed to keep vapors simple, and that is packed in a modern cabinet with often trendy colors.

What is a POD System?

An e-cigarette with PODs has a cartridge on the top that you can fill yourself with the e-liquid of your choice. The electronics are built into this 'cap', and have a lifespan of a few weeks depending on how much you steam. If the POD no longer works properly, disconnect it from the battery and install a new one. You will be able to top up the e-liquid a number of times before the PODs are used up. You don't have to place a coil yourself because it is already built in, making a POD System one of the most user-friendly e-cigarettes.

E-liquid and Nic Salts

Depending on the POD System, e-liquid or Nic Salt is used. These products have slightly different properties that we will not discuss further on this page. Pay attention to the type you use, and if you have further questions, feel free to contact the help desk.

Next Generation E-cigarette

A cig-a-like tries to translate the idea of ​​a traditional cigarette into an electronic device. A box mod more simulates the functioning of a water pipe. A POD System has a vapor production and the simplicity of operation that corresponds to smoking, but in a modern housing and a user-friendly device. The often striking design of these devices emphasizes that they want to offer a modern alternative to smoking. So a Next Generation E-cigarette.