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Practical info for starting e-cigarette users

For anyone who is considering trying an e-cigarette it is important to first look up some information. A lot of stories are going around, but rumors are not the same as hard facts. Due to political disagreements and commercial interests, reporting on e-cigarettes can be quite misleading. Here is some practical information for starting e-cigarette users.

Stop smoking, start with vaping

The vast majority of smokers were ever smokers. It is not common for people to smoke without ever having smoked, at most as a one-off experiment by young people. Several studies have shown that many people start using fumes with the aim of stopping smoking. The number of smokers has also fallen sharply in recent years.

What is in an e-liquid?

E-liquids from professional distributors contain the liquids Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) in various concentrations, and a variety of flavors with optional nicotine. There are also basic liquids where you can add a flavor or nicotine booster yourself. Both PG and VG are products used in food, smoke machines and makeup.

Possible complaints with e-cigarettes

PG in particular can cause hypersensitivity. There are users who experience dry mouth after vapors, or get throat and respiratory irritations. This is not harmful, but it can be annoying. In that case, stop with PG and vapor with VG exclusively. This fluid is milder for the body and gives no complaints. When the taste sensation recovers, we call it "damperstong", you can "reset" the taste buds by using a different taste for a few weeks. Menthol in particular is a good alternative.

Where can you smoke?

It varies per location where you can vaporize so pay attention. In public, fumes are often equated with smoking, but that is not always the case. For example, you are not allowed to fume in the smoking area at Schiphol, but there are again catering establishments that make it no problem. Internationally the legislation can vary greatly, check this before you travel.