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Price e-smoking per day and per week

Price e-smoking per day and per week

Do you consciously know how much you spend on smoking? The switch to vapors can make a difference in the wallet and not only in your lungs. If you want to know the price of e-smoking per day and per week you will find the answer on this page. Can you save with electric smoke?

Please note: We do not give advice on smoking or fumes on this page, this overview of the price for e-smoking per day and per week is purely for illustration.


Are you an average smoker?

On average, a person smokes 20 to 25 cigarettes per day. The costs may differ depending on the brand and the type of cigarette. With e-cigarettes smoking, the differences are much more diverse. So you can buy cheap or expensive sets, you will also have to order consumables such as coils, new batteries and of course e-liquid. In the following examples of prices, we will use average prices for popular products.

Price e-smoking per day

You can buy the e-cigarette yourself for a few tenner's, it's the coils, batteries and e-liquid that you have to replace regularly. With consumption that can be compared to 20 to 25 cigarettes per day, you will spend a little more than one euro per day on consumption costs.

Price e-smoking per week

You can make the total sum yourself, per week fumes cost about ten euros. By using other types of e-liquid, costs can go up or down, if the batteries last longer than expected, you can get a little better. If you keep this calculation you will not soon be disappointed.

The price of e-smoking per day and per week is usually lower than is the case with traditional smoking. When you choose mods and other non-standard products, vapors can also be much more expensive. You choose how much you want to spend on vapors.