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Price of a pack of cigarettes up by 1 euro

Pack of cigarettes 1 euro more expensive due to an increase in excise dutyIt really wasn't a joke; on April 1, 2020, a pack of cigarettes became 1 euro more expensive. Shag users saw their tobacco rise in price even further. This was the second round of price increases of 2020, previously prices went up by 14 cents. On January 1, 2021, another 12 euro cents will be added. Where is the finish line, and will smokers still pay for their tobacco products?

When does the smokefree generation come?

The goal within the National Prevention Agreement is to achieve a smoke-free generation by 2040. This means that there will be no new smokers in 2040, there will only be a (limited) number of existing smokers. In addition, a price of 10 euros for a pack of cigarettes in 2023 should be an important demotivating factor. You will not immediately persuade the addicted smoker to quit smoking, young people will scratch twice behind the ears to "experiment". You can better spend that hard-earned money from newspapers or fill courses.

What about e-cigarettes?

For the Dutch government, e-cigarettes are not much better than smoking cigarettes. Here too, the rules are tightened further and further. This makes them a bit out of step compared to abroad, where vapors are often presented as a less unhealthy alternative to smoking. And also as a means to quit smoking. Vaping appears to be more effective than nicotine patches and chewing gum to get rid of smoking addiction.

What are smokers willing to pay?

An addiction cannot simply be expressed in money. Someone addicted to booze, drugs or gaming can add sky-high bills to get that "fix." Will this also happen with smoking, or will smokers find an alternative that is less addictive and less expensive? Quitting smoking will be the starting point, so you not only live healthier, but you also have more money in your wallet.