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Problems with evaporator solved

Problems with evaporator solved

If e-liquid runs out of the evaporator of your electric cigarette, that is of course not the intention. Various problems with the evaporator are possible, luckily in most cases these are easy to solve. On this page you will find some common problems with the clearomizer, and how you can solve them.

Note: We provide a number of solutions for problems with the evaporator or clearomizer in e-cigarettes. We do not provide purchasing advice for specific brands and models of e-cigarette.

E-liquid is running out of the evaporator

The most common cause of e-liquid from the evaporator is the use of thin liquids in combination with Sub-Ohm coils. The holes in these coils are larger, so they can let through thicker e-liquid. But with thinner liquids too much e-liquid enters the coil, this can cause "spitback". This means that droplets get into the mouthpiece. In addition, it can also cause leakage. Make sure you use e-liquid that is thick enough with Sub-Ohm vapors, these are the liquids with a higher VG content.

When MTL (Mouth To Lung) is vaporized with a DTL (Direct To Lung) tank, it is possible that the tank will leak. The coil then absorbs a lot of liquid, but it cannot evaporate completely because a wrong way of vaporizing is used.

E-liquid comes in my mouth

If you get e-liquid in your mouth during the vapors, it usually means that you inhale too hard. This is especially the case with smokers who are used to a hefty lift. With e-cigarettes, the liquid cannot evaporate quickly enough, so that e-liquid enters the mouthpiece. This can be easily solved by adjusting the way you inhale, take it a bit easier and the liquid can evaporate completely.

My e-cigarette tastes burned

The solution for a burnt taste is very simple; replace the coil for a new one. Once the wick in the coil is burned, replacement will be the only solution. Of course you want to know how this problem can arise with evaporators. It is possible that the coil is just at its end, it is also possible that there was not enough liquid in the wick when you took a blow. Make sure you use the correct e-liquid for the evaporator, and check whether the wattage is set correctly.

I get an error message about the atomizer

There are some error messages that are not always clear to the user. Here are some error messages and the solution:

When you see the message “No Atomizer” appear, you must first check whether a coil is present. Ensure that the evaporator is properly tightened.

With an "Atomizer Short" there can be a short circuit. Sometimes cleaning the contact points at the clearomizer and battery with a (dry) tissue is enough to solve this problem.

When you use Ego batteries, it is possible that the contact point drops. Try raising this point slightly with a small and thin object such as a paper clip. Make sure you do not damage anything, this often solves the problem.

5 tips for problems with the evaporator:

  • Clean all parts thoroughly.
  • Make sure that all parts are thoroughly dry.
  • The coil may not get damp, the other parts may be rinsed.
  • Allow any e-liquid to drain out of the coil by placing the coil in a tissue.
  • If problems persist, it is advisable to replace the coil and to see if the problem persists.

For further questions you can contact the supplier of your e-cigarette and / or evaporator.