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Problems with VG liquid solved

Problems with VG liquid solved

The second main types of e-liquid are PG and VG liquid. They are often mixed so that you, as a damper, can benefit from the best properties that every liquid has to offer. You can also buy 100% PG or VG liquid, but those liquids are often not suitable for standard electric cigarettes. Anyone who experiences problems with 100% VG e-liquid should definitely read this page.

What does the abbreviation actually stand for?

Immediately confusion arises for the Dutch-speaking public. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerol, while PG stands for Propylene Glycol. In Dutch it should therefore both be PG. But the "V" stands for "Vegetable", the English word for vegetable. With VG liquid, it is therefore a 100% vegetable liquid.

Why not just use PG e-liquid?

With both smoking a cigarette and electric vapors you experience a tingling sensation in the throat. That is normal, and with electric fumes it is not harmful to your body in principle either. But with hypersensitivity to Propylene Glycol it can really start to irritate. With vegetable glycerol you no longer feel that stimulus in your throat, and that is seen as an advantage by some users.

So you might as well use 100% VG liquid?

Not quite. The vegetable liquid is thicker, and therefore flows less quickly through the electric cigarette. If you use a standard clearomizer and coil, the liquid cannot spread quickly enough through the device, so you can get a "dry hit". Then the wick does not get wet enough and it will burn. The vapor production will, incidentally, be higher, so you produce large clouds.

Prevent problems with VG e-liquid

If you like to vaporize with 100% vegetable liquid, then you must also use a clearomizer and coil that is suitable for this. You no longer feel the "throat hit", and the vapor production will be higher. This is often indicated on the product page of vapor articles, otherwise it is wise to first contact the supplier. For standard products without modifications or setting options, a combination of the two liquids will usually be the most suitable.