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Product development E-cigarette

How is an e-cigarette actually developed? Who came up with the idea of vaporizing a liquid with aroma and nicotine? We briefly explain how e-cigarette product development works on this page.

The first e-cigarette

The very first user was the father of Hon Lik, an electrical engineer and pharmaceutical from China. His father was no longer allowed to smoke by the doctors in the hospital because he had cancer. Nicotine patches did not provide the "stimulus" that he needed. An inhaler with nicotine-containing vapor brought the solution. Unfortunately, his father would no longer experience the success, he died of the effects of years of smoking.


The cig-a-like has been on the rise since 2008, an e-cigarette that resembles a normal cigarette in form and use. This product was promoted as a healthier alternative to tobacco. The ease of use was perfect, the taste was reasonable but not enough for everyone to quit smoking.


Manufacturers came with a new design; the e-Go. This model was a bit like an e-cigarette, but this time the user could charge the battery and fill the tank himself. Instead of taking it, the user had to press a fire button to pre-heat the liquid. This has led to a better vapor experience and more choice.

Mods and Boxmods

Hobbyists went further and further away from traditional cigarette design, and built electronics in cans, Gameboys and even in cigarette boxes. This created more control over the temperature, the amount of vapor and resistance. The community has encouraged many companies to develop luxury e-cigarettes that no longer resemble cigarettes.

More than an electric cigarette

In addition to the MTL dampers, there are DTL devices, mods that you can adjust yourself from A to Z, e-liquids with fruit flavor or entirely without nicotine. For the transferers there are still e-cigarettes with a simple operation to get rid of smoking. The market is therefore expanding, while the number of smokers in many countries continues to decrease.