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Public Health advises free electronic cigarettes

The English Ministry of Public Health states that promoting e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking can instantly save 75,000 lives per year. Good news, though news? This advice to provide free electronic cigarettes via doctors dates from… 2015. That is long before the Brexit, at a time when e-cigarettes were not nearly as well-known as today. Yet the sounds in Dutch politics are very different. How does this actually come about?

75,000 lives saved per year

By quitting smoking and starting with vapors you can save an entire city with Britons from dying. That is not a conclusion in a "Big Vape" commercial, but from the Ministry of Health. They even go so far as to believe that doctors should actively promote e-cigarettes and prescribe it as a means to stop smoking. That sounds revolutionary, yet this is the conclusion that was made on the other side of the channel five years ago.

The Netherlands compares fumes to smoking

Five years later in the Netherlands, Brexit appears to apply not only to trade within Europe, but also to the medical field. That is not entirely fair, there are indeed politicians in the European Parliament who are in favor of fumes as a method to quit smoking. But yes, the EU is even less loved at national level in Europe than Prime Minister Boris Johnson in England. The Netherlands in particular is putting a lot of effort into fumes, and this is largely equivalent to smoking. So no advertising, only sales "under the table" and neutral packaging.

Britain smoke free?

The Brexit in 2020 can have consequences for dampers in Europe. In addition to Dutch brands, there are also British brands of e-liquids and dampers that may no longer be sold here. We are also lagging behind the facts regarding the latest developments in the field of smoking prevention. Who wants to take this responsibility, and how many people have to die before following the English example?