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Quit smoking is a spearhead of the National Prevention Agreement

National prevention agreement aimed at quitting smokingRoughly seventy social organizations have signed the National Prevention Agreement, an agreement that combats smoking, obesity and problematic alcohol consumption. Contrary to previous measures, the tobacco industry was not invited to the table this time to draw up the plans. In this blog, we will disregard overweight and alcohol abuse, and look at the measures that are being taken to stop smoking.

What does the National Prevention Agreement say about smoking?

The agreement aims to achieve a smoke-free generation by 2040. This means that by 2040 no child will smoke or will smoke, and less than 5 percent of the adult population will smoke. The short-term measures are:

  • Cigarettes will no longer be visible in supermarkets in 2020, and will not be visible in all shops for 2021.
  • Packaging must be neutral from 2020.
  • Many locations such as schools, petting zoos and care institutions are completely non-smoking.
  • Advertising of tobacco products on the facade is completely prohibited.
  • No more cigarette vending machines from 2022.
  • Higher prices for cigarettes up to 10 euros in 2023.
  • Extra discouragement during pregnancy.
  • The smoking areas in the catering industry will also be prohibited in 2022.
  • Stimulating smoke-free terraces.

What does this mean for vapors?

An e-cigarette is not the same as a tobacco cigarette. Vapor is not smoke, and there are e-liquids without nicotine. Nevertheless, tobacco and e-cigarettes are treated the same before the law. Consider the ban on displaying packaging in the store, and a minimum age of 18 years. in the National Prevention Agreement, vaping and smoking are equated with each other, the smoking ban also applies to vapors with and without nicotine. The fact that e-cigarettes are for many a means of getting rid of smoking is not mentioned in this agreement. Accessible care to quit smoking is, however, encouraged through health insurers and GPs.