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Quit smoking with an E-cigarette or other means?

E-cigarette when quitting smokingThere are several ways to quit smoking, including nicotine gum, patches, therapy and electric cigarette vapors. In England, a survey was conducted among 900 smokers who tried to quit. It turned out that stoppers who used the e-cigarette were twice as likely to quit permanently.

Really stop, not just pause

Many smokers temporarily stop smoking and after a while pick up this nasty habit. This is how it works with addictions, this also applies for example to alcoholism. The British study followed 900 subjects using different methods of quitting, from cold turkey on willpower to hypnosis. It turned out that those who chose to quit e-cigarette vaping were almost twice as likely to quit for good than they were with other methods. Independent specialists indicated that the study had been properly conducted.

Why do e-cigarettes work?

Quitting without an alternative is very difficult with an addictive drug like cigarettes. Nicotine patches and candies provide the addictive substance, but do not replace the habit. With self-discipline or hypnosis, no attractive aspect of smoking is replaced, only things are taken away. E-cigarettes are therefore fundamentally different. There is still an option for nicotine in the products, and the habit of a puff is pretty much the same too. In this way, both psychoactive and physical stimuli are stimulated. It is then a free choice to continue to smoke, or to phase out this new habit.

Electric vaping is also harmless

Not as much is known about e-cigarettes as we now know about smoking cigarettes. It could be 95% better, but then there is still 5% which is not healthy. The choice of product can also influence careless use. So no smoking remains the best option, but this does not seem to be the best method of quitting smoking.