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Quit Smoking Without Stress

Quit Smoking Without Stress

An important reason that smoking cessation is so difficult for many is the stress that goes with it. And that can be expressed in nausea, headaches, lack of concentration etc. due to the lack of nicotine. Would not it be wonderful if there is a way to help you stop smoking without stress? It seems that this drug exists, in the form of CBD oil. Does not that have anything to do with weed? Is CBD oil actually legal?

Note: We only provide information on the possibilities of smoking cessation without stress on this page. It is not intended as a recommendation for CBD oil or other products such as e-cigarettes.

Stop smoking without stress with weed oil

It almost sounds like stopping drinking by replacing beer with wine. You stop nicotine and start with weed. Yet this method based on CBD oil is not addictive. The hemp plant has two active substances that are important in the consumption of weed; THC and CBD. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the mind-expanding substance that makes you high, CBD or cannabidiol has a calming effect but you will not be stunned by it.

Is CBD oil legal?

In the Netherlands, THC is prohibited in any form, only under very strict conditions the use of weed is tolerated. Products with CBD are legal nowadays because it is not addictive and can help with many physical and mental complaints including stress. To stop smoking without stress CBD oil can provide relief. It does not directly eliminate the addiction, but it does cause a number of complaints that come up when you stop.

Electric fumes with CBD

In addition to cannabis oil as drops, it is also possible to vaporize with an e-cigarette CBD. You do not get high from electric smoking with CBD, you feel the relief. Incidentally, you can NOT use standard CBD oil in an e-cigarette.