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QuitCare Herbal capsules

QuitCare Herbal capsules

If you prefer not to use artificial means to get rid of your smoking addiction like the popular Champix, QuitCare herbal capsules can offer the solution. The composition is completely natural and has the purpose of reducing the nicotine addiction that cigarette cigarettes entails. Do QuitCare herbal capsules help to stop smoking?

Note: The information on this page is not intended as an advertisement for QuitCare herbal capsules. You can stop smoking in different ways, with medicines or in other ways. Choose the method that suits you best.

How do QuitCare herbal capsules work?

There are six active and completely natural substances in these capsules:

  1. Horsetail helps to reduce the dependence on smoking, and gives you more confidence.
  2. Passion flower helps with mental relaxation.
  3. Zinc helps to convert fats and carbohydrates to prevent weight gain.
  4. Chromium also helps prevent weight gain and maintains blood sugar levels.
  5. Rose root reduces stress, calms and gives energy when tired.
  6. L-Tyrosine helps to prevent depression.

In a program of 8 weeks, 3 separate phases are completed; preparation, stopping and not relapsing. In addition to the QuitCare herbal capsules, you follow the tips that come with the capsules.

Side effects of QuitCare herbal capsules

Because the capsules are made from completely natural ingredients, there are no noteworthy side effects. It is a product that is available without a prescription.

Are natural products effective to quit smoking?

Unlike nicotine substitutes that come "from the factory", QuitCare herbal capsules contain only natural substances. This also makes it more difficult to determine the effectiveness. Besides independent user experiences, independent research results are not available. It is also possible to reduce the addiction of nicotine with e-cigarettes. E-liquid is available in different concentrations of nicotine, so you can reduce the dosage to get rid of smoking.