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Reduce nicotine with e-cigarettes

Reduce nicotine with e-cigarettes

Smoking is addictive, an important part of this addiction comes from the nicotine in cigarettes. But the carcinogenic substances and other dangerous substances released from smoking come from the tobacco, not the nicotine. With e-cigarettes you no longer suffer from these harmful substances, but the addiction will not simply disappear. You can use nicotine with e-cigarettes to finish off with which you are finally freed from the addiction.

Note: Although we give information about nicotine reduction with e-cigarettes, that is not a recommendation to start with e-smoking.

How can you reduce nicotine with e-cigarettes?

E-liquid is used in electric cigarettes, the composition of this liquid may differ. For example, you can choose the amount of nicotine that you get, from 18 mg to 0 mg. This way you can reduce nicotine and get rid of your addiction. Below you will find a step-by-step plan that can help you to reduce your addiction.

1. Heavy smoker (25+): Start here
For you e-liquid with a high dose of nicotine of 18 mg is the starting point, after at least eight weeks you can go to the second step.

2. Average smoker (15-25): Start here
Start with a 12 mg dose of nicotine and continue with step three for eight weeks.

3. Light smoker (5-15): Start here
A dose of nicotine of 6 mg is your starting point, after eight weeks you can reduce to step four.

4. Occasional Smoker (1-5): Start here
Only 3 mg of nicotine is enough to meet your nicotine needs, about eight weeks is enough before you go to step five.

5. You keep vaping for about eight weeks but then with 0 mg of nicotine. The dependence on nicotine will decrease or disappear, try to reduce the frequency so that you can also get rid of the vapors.

So you need patience, after going through these steps, fumes with an e-cigarette are a free choice and no more addiction. This way you can reduce nicotine with e-cigarettes.