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Reduce smoking with e-cigarette

Reduce smoking with e-cigarette

That things are rumbling in America may be clear, the United States is not nearly as united as they would like to see. This also applies to the attitude towards e-cigarettes. Can you reduce smoking with an e-cigarette or is it a threat to health? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the American authority that deals with food and narcotics. How do they think about fumes instead of smoking?

Note: There are sources that claim that smoking with e-cigarette is possible. You can choose for these products yourself, you will find no recommendations on the page.

What is going on?

In 2016, the then FDA commissioner decided that e-cigarettes should disappear from the stores just like normal cigarettes. They would be just as bad and addictive as smoking cigarettes. This new regulation would take effect from 2018. When the new government also appointed a new commissioner in 2017, this person decided to suspend the law until 2022. This gives more time to oversee the impact and possibly make adjustments.

The FDA also has a lot of influence outside the US, the WHO (World Health Organization) is also attentive. To throw e-cigarettes on a heap with normal cigarettes is a dangerous thing, because fumes are very different from smoking. There are plenty of e-liquids without nicotine, so the addictive effect can not be an argument either.

Can you reduce smoking with an e-cigarette?

A ban on electric cigarettes is like a ban on alcohol-free beer for someone who has yet to drive. Because one product looks like a different product, it will also be just as harmful. But it does not work like that, many former smokers have benefited greatly from e-cigarettes.

Smoking is bad for health, that's for sure. But is vapors an alternative? That's not the politics yet ...