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Replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes

Replace cigarettes with e-cigarettes

There is a lot of money in cigarettes, both companies and Philip Morris, as the government with the levies on tobacco collect huge amounts every year thanks to tobacco and cigarettes. As more and more people replace cigarettes with an e-cigarette, the stakeholders wake up and jump in on this hype. What does this mean for the vapors? Is this good news or do we have to worry?

Note: Smoking is unhealthy, it does not automatically mean that vapors are healthy. We do not make any recommendations regarding e-smoking or specific products on this page.

Big Tobacco

First the big tobacco manufacturers claimed that smoking was not unhealthy. It is. Then she claimed that they do not make smoking addictive. They did (did?) Them. Although the tobacco industry is legally involved in the letter of law, they do have cunning practices. Vaping can significantly undermine the income of the tobacco industry.

The government

There will undoubtedly be many smart people walking around in The Hague, but because of the cumbersome structure they can not switch quickly. For example, e-cigarettes are subject to tobacco law, which entails many restrictions. Now that more and more independent research results appear, with positive sounds about cigarettes replaced by an e-cigarette, the pointer slowly but surely moves to green. Too bad about all that tobacco tax ...

Why replacing cigarettes with the e-cigarette is a good thing

Vaping does not come from the tobacco industry, on the contrary, even. It was invented as an alternative to unhealthy smoking. Tobacco giant Philip Morris used to come up with the IQOS with which you could heat tobacco instead of burning, but vapors is the only good alternative to smoking available on the market. Not smoking after then ... It is a good thing that more attention is paid to quitting smoking, and starting with a more healthy lifestyle. If e-cigarettes can help with that, that's a good thing. But do not forget that for decades the tobacco industry has hidden the dangers of smoking behind a 'smokescreen'. Now switching for them is mainly out of self-interest.