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Research: fifty smokers cause the death of 1 passive smoker

Smokers cause multiple smokers to dieEvery year, 7 million people die earlier than necessary because they smoke. Another 1 million people also die from the effects of second-hand smoke, including a large number of children. According to a study by Amsterdam UMC, the risks of secondhand smoke have been underestimated for years. Researcher Leonard Hofstra therefore believes that smokers are also perpetrators who harm others.

Smokers endanger the environment

Passive secondhand smoke would increase the risk of a heart attack or lung cancer anywhere between 20 and 30 percent. So anyone who regularly comes close to smokers is at an increased risk of dying prematurely. For example, it was calculated that in the period when 3000 residents of China died of the Coronavirus, there were also 25,000 people in China who died from secondhand smoke. In Asia, these figures are on average higher than, for example, in the United States, where there are many more rules regarding smoking in public. In addition to discouragement, banning smoking in public spaces also benefits the environment.

The Netherlands does not like rules

In the Netherlands, our 'common sense' is often invoked. For example, it is legal for a parent to smoke in the car with children in the back seat. For the sake of convenience, we assume that a father or mother will not do this. In Belgium, you can be fined a thousand euros for this offense. It is not the intention there to issue many fines, but rather a signal that secondhand smoke is extremely dangerous.

The numbers are terrifying

When you look at the absolute numbers, a terrifying picture emerges. In the Netherlands, for example, an average of 50 smokers cause the premature death of 1 non-smoker. In America this is 85 people because of stricter regulations. In places where smoking is completely banned, the number of heart attacks drops between 15 and 20 percent in just two years.

By smoking you harm not only yourself, but also others. Do you want this on your conscience?