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Research on e-cigarette use by young people

Linda Bauld has done a lot of research into the use of alcohol and tobacco among young people. There are both similarities and differences. Here are some of the conclusions she presented at a Forum on Nicotine conference.

Less than 10% young people

A study that took place in nine countries showed that less than 10% of the number of young people said they had ever tried an e-cigarette. Most of these people were already smokers. So it is not at all a popular product in this target group. The only exception was Poland, where the use is somewhat higher. For non-smokers, the percentage in no study was higher than 2%.

Ever, regularly or recently

At the time of the lecture, more than 40 English-language studies on e-cigarette use were already available among young people. The problem was that a separation was not always made between:

  • Ever used an e-cigarette.
  • Used an e-cigarette regularly.
  • Recently used an e-cigarette.

This makes it difficult to draw conclusions, someone who is experimenting a bit cannot of course be compared to a chain damper. The age also varied greatly from 10 years to the beginning of 20.

Is there nicotine in the e-liquid?

No research was asked if there was nicotine in the e-liquid. This is because young people often do not know this themselves. It is therefore possible that some of the products do not contain nicotine.

What comes first?

In a British study, 70% of young people said that they had first tried a tobacco cigarette before vaporizing an e-cigarette. Only 12% indicated that they immediately started using vapors for smoking a cigarette. The number of regular dampers under the age of 18 is very small, it remains with experimentation.

What do young people think of the danger?

A large proportion of young people think that e-cigarettes are more dangerous to health than smoking tobacco. A growing number of adults also share this opinion. This goes against all studies on the subject, and probably stems from misleading press reports.