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Risks of e-cigarettes

Risks or e-cigarettes


We all know that cigarette smoking is dangerous, although it took decades before the tobacco industry admitted it. Less is known about electric cigarettes that evaporate liquid, particularly because they have not been around for very long. What are the risks of e-cigarettes and how does vapors compare to smoking?


The possible risks or e-cigarettes



Cigarettes are mainly addictive due to the presence of nicotine. This is not in itself a harmful substance, but an addictive substance in combination with the tar and soot or tobacco leads to a dangerous combination. When vaporizing e-liquids, no smoke is released, the addictive effect or nicotine persists. There are also products available that do not contain nicotine.


Hazardous ingredients

The fatal cases in the United States all seem to be linked to the vapors or THC, an active substance in hemp. To evaporate this weed e-liquid, a vitamin Acetate was used which, according to researchers, may have been the cause of the accidents. These e-liquids did not come from regular trade, where only ingredients that are found to be suitable for human consumption are used.



No matter how you turn it around, you breathe in hot vapor. A little is not bad, but the potential consequences or frequent fumes are unknown. For example, it may lead to damage to the vesicles, a process that may not be reversible. Directly to the lungs at low resistance is associated with very high temperatures.



The risks of e-cigarettes are not yet known. Although it is generally stated that it is a better alternative to normal smoking, there are seem to be side effects. In particular, self-applied modifications and applications outside the standard products can pose a health hazard. The first conclusion is that fumes are better than smoking, but using no (electric) cigarettes at all remains the best.