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Rules for the e-cigarette

Rules for the e-cigarette

The rules for the e-cigarette are regularly adjusted on the basis of new developments and research. Because relatively little data is available, premature conclusions are regularly drawn. The central government is trying to take the uncertainty for granted, although not all rules are based on hard facts, but on assumptions and correlation. Here are some rules for the e-cigarette and how they might be adjusted in the near future.

The use of e-cigarettes remains legal

Also in 2020, vapors will remain legal. That seems self-evident as smoking also remains permitted. Here are some rules for the e-cigarette:

  • A minimum age of 18 years.
  • The damper must be technically correct.
  • The reservoir may contain a maximum of 2 ml.
  • The refill package may contain a maximum of 10 ml.
  • The e-liquid must be of good quality.
  • The label must indicate that nicotine is addictive.
  • Most forms of advertising are prohibited.

Rules for the e-cigarette are checked by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

What about nicotine free vapors?

In the first instance the emphasis was mainly on the addictive substance nicotine that is present in tobacco and often also in e-liquid. Yet e-liquids without nicotine fall under the same strict rules including the "Shisha pen". This is the result of studies in which lung complaints occurred in people who fumes. Whether there is a relationship between vapors and lung complaints has not yet been conclusively proven, it is also not excluded.

Hard statements by the national government

At present, the government claims that the fumes of e-cigarettes can cause damage to the respiratory tract, that it can cause heart palpitations and increase the risk of cancer. This is a very general proposition that in fact focuses on impure e-liquids from a study dating from 2015. The current regulations are therefore five years behind the current situation. The National Prevention Agreement is aimed at further discouraging e-cigarettes.