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Safety of batteries in e-cigarettes

You don't have to explain to anyone that smoking is unhealthy, everyone knows that. Burning tobacco creates smoke that contains thousands of harmful substances, which can lead to many diseases including lung cancer and heart failure. With e-cigarettes no smoke is released but vapor, yet there are also risks here. Reference is often made to nicotine. This is an addictive substance, but it is not harmful to health. The liquid in e-liquid is also not demonstrably dangerous to health, the ingredients are used in a wide range of products from smoke machines to margarine. The greatest danger of e-cigarettes lies in the battery. We explain how this is and how you can prevent this on this page.

Are e-cigarette batteries safe?

The type of batteries used in e-cigarettes, mods and boxmods is no different from batteries in mobile phones and other electronic devices. The most common technologies are Ni-Mh and Li-ion, of which Li-ion generally delivers the best quality. Of course there are differences in specifications per manufacturer, in addition you only need to use authorized products. You can also not just use every charger. E-cigarette batteries cannot usually be charged with smartphone chargers, even when the connection is the same. In addition to a shortened service life, the battery may explode in the event of overload. Fortunately this is rare, but caution is required.

Tips for using batteries:

  • Do not fully discharge Li-ion batteries.
  • Use good quality batteries.
  • Use a good quality charger.
  • Do not let an e-cigarette fire too long to avoid overloading.
  • If the device heats up, you must immediately stop using it.
  • Always use official products recommended by the supplier.
  • Do not leave batteries in hot places.
  • Prevent short circuits by protecting the contacts.

In other words; be just as neat with the battery of an e-cigarette as you would with other electrical devices such as a smartphone. You use both devices close to your face so always be careful!

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