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Sale of tobacco decreases

Sale of tobacco cigarettes is falling due to e-cigarettes

According to research, the number of smokers has fallen sharply in recent years. The manufacturers of tobacco products also notice this. They see the number of tobacco cigarettes sold decreasing considerably. Altria has announced this, the producer of cigarettes such as Marlboro. Previously, the name of this concern was Philip Morris, a name that will undoubtedly be familiar to smokers.

Less smoking, more fumes

Halfway through 2019 there were an estimated 13.8 million users of electric cigarettes, compared with 12.2 million six months earlier. According to the director of Altria, 7 million of them would be exclusive of vapors, 1 million more than just a few months earlier at the start of 2019. As a result, the number of tobacco cigarettes sold in that year would not fall by 4-5%, but by 5-6%. This means less income from tobacco products.

Still a profit for Altria

It is not necessary to go around for the tobacco giant, contrary to what you might think, they actually make more profit. In countries outside the United States they still sell a lot of cigarettes, in addition they nowadays also supply nicotine-free products without tobacco and nowadays they also trade in marijuana.

Increasing number for e-cigarettes

In the year that sales of tobacco products fell, the number of e-cigarettes sold increased enormously with over 160% more sales. In total, dampers now make up 5% of the total market for nicotine products. These are cigarettes, vaping products, plasters, chewing gum and other products with nicotine. 5% seems to be only a small proportion, but this percentage is increasing rapidly, especially since smoking is becoming less popular. With new products that heat tobacco, manufacturers are trying to turn the tide, but users are switching en masse to e-liquids. And of course products that have been tested, to prevent dramatic scenes such as those that took place in the United States in 2019.