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Setting Wattage, Voltage and Temperature

Setting Wattage, Voltage and Temperature

When you choose a boxmod, a world of possibilities opens up for you. It can be a bit overwhelming to learn all the settings. We explain briefly on this page how the setting of wattage, voltage and temperature works.

Instellen van Wattage, Voltage en Temperatuur

Please note: The information on this page is not intended as a recommendation for a specific mod or box mod purchase, it is for information only.

Difference when setting Wattage, Voltage and Temperature


Adjusting Wattage

In many cases the Ohm value is mentioned on the coil, which allows you to determine what power level you can set on the battery. In many cases, the Wattage is mentioned below this value so that you can not actually set it wrong. If Wattage is not mentioned, you will have to check which brand is correct for each brand and type.

Adjusting Voltage

There are not many manufacturers that still use Voltage as a separate setting, you can order mini boxmods from Justfog that have this option. With a higher Voltage you will generate more vapor, which creates a different vaping experience.

Setting Temperature

There are many types of coils available, temperature coils let you adjust the temperature to achieve the desired effect. If we start from a coil with a resistance of 0.2 - 0.3 Ohm you can start with a Temperature of 200 degrees Celsius and build up from there until you have found the optimum Temperature.

Only for experienced vapers

If you have never had an electric cigarette before, it is not that interesting to experiment with these settings. Start with the default settings and find out later which differences you can achieve by setting Wattage, Voltage and Temperature.