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Simple boxmods for carefree vaping

Simple boxmods for carefree vaping

You want to start vaping, but you do not really like the experience of electric cigarettes. You can then opt for a mod with more control over the amount of vapor and temperature. But then you have to be prepared to tinker a lot and praise a small piece of complex electronics. For people who would like to get rid of both sides, there are the simple boxmods

The pros without the cons!

Note: We do not make recommendations and do not give suggestions for the purchase of an e-cigarette.

What is the difference between a mod and an e-cigarette?

A standard e-cigarette is as easy to use as a standard cigarette, perhaps even simpler. The design also resembles the cigarettes from a package. A mod often has a more futuristic appearance, it is a system where you can replace the individual components on the basis of a modular system. In addition, there is still a distinction between a normal mod that is elongated like a pen (or cigarette), and the box mod that has the shape of a box.

Simple boxmodels make vapors easier

Although mods give more control over settings such as temperature and amount of vapor, installing and modifying can cause a lot of frustration for the novice vaper. Of course, manufacturers of electric cigarettes have also thought this through, which is why they provide simple boxmods with which you can do everything, but do not have to read complicated manuals first to inhale that first vapor. The possibilities and options will differ per box mod, think of exchangeable or fixed batteries with higher and lower capacity, the type of coils, tanks etc. View the specifications and extras per brand and type before making a choice.

With simple boxmods you have the flexibility of a mod with the simplicity of an electric cigarette.