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Smoant e-cigarette

Smoant is a brand that has existed since 2015, making it a fairly new player on the market. They also radiate that young character, the Smoant e-cigarette no longer resembles the well-known cylindrical "Cigalikes" with which the vapor trend once started. With various products they meet the needs of both beginners and advanced vapers, it is in particular their cartridge system that makes the Smoant e-cigarette user-friendly.

What is Smoant?

This company positions itself as a specialized organization that develops high-tech products in the field of Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs). With the slogan "take a young adventure with us" they underline the young character of this company. We assume that they mean the Smoant brand, because of course you have to be at least 18 years old to buy these products! They say their target group consists of "cloud chasers", "flavor chasers", "tootle puffers" and "mod wompers". If you belong to these categories, or at least understand what they are talking about, the Smoant e-cigarette may be the right choice for you.

Smoant e-cigarette as a design statement

The Pasito POD kit probably meets most the "traditional" boxmod design, the S8 POD kit already deviates considerably from what you would expect with an electric cigarette. The Karat POD kit has a design with facet corners and optional rainbow colors that make it look more like an object from a Sci-Fi film than a POD system or a normal damper. You can also choose box mods, with and without a display. If you thought we were exaggerating with the Sci-Fi comparison; one model they have called "Battlestar"! Every Smoant e-cigarette has its own unique appearance, making it primarily a "nex gen" vapor product and less a substitute for traditional cigarettes.

Brand: Smoant Model: SMOANT - S8 STARTSET
Productgegevens  De Smoant S8 wordt aangedreven door een ingebouwde 370mAh batterij en beschikt over een hervulbare 2ML cartridge. De cartridge kunt U vullen met uw eigen liquid en heeft ongeveer dezelfde werking als een coil. De cartridge heeft een ohmage van 1.3 Ohm en dient vervangen te word..
€ 23.95 Ex Tax:€ 19.79
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