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Smoant Clearomizer

Smoant Clearomizer

Smoant is a manufacturer of e-cigarettes and peripheral accessories. In addition to the standard electronic cigarette, they also develop other models such as box mods and POD systems. For each model you will often have to order a different type of Smoant clearomizer, on this page we will tell you more about clearomizers and what to look out for. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact our help desk, we will be happy to help you further!

Smoant clearomizer

The term "clearomizer" comes from the transparent tank (clear) and the at (omizer) that causes the evaporation of the e-liquid. With a transparent glass, which is usually made of Pyrex heat-resistant material, you can see exactly how much liquid is in the reservoir. The complete Smoant clearomizer is the combination of mouthpiece, tank and atomizer or coil that consists of a resistance wire and a wick of cotton. Normally you can replace these individual parts separately, with the exception of the cartridge model.

Cartridge fumes

The S8 POD system works a little differently than normal dampers. A POD is an interchangeable "cap" that you place on the damper. You can refill the e-liquid but the coil is not replaceable. When you experience an unpleasant taste, it is time to replace the entire POD. This will usually take two to four weeks depending on the amount that is vaporized. The coils cannot be replaced separately as is the case with standard mods and box mods, the resistance is also fixed and is suitable for MTL vapors with 1.3 Ohm for the S8 system. You can vary in the e-liquid flavors, with PODs it is very easy to vary aromas.

Brand: Smoant Model: SMOANT - S8 CARTRIDGE
Productgegevens  Vervangende cartridge voor de Smoant S8 Startset. De hervulbare cartridges hebben een e-liquid capaciteit van 2ML en dienen vervangen te worden wanneer de dampproductie minder wordt of er een verbrandde smaak ontstaat. Voor de gemiddelde damper is dit elke 2 à 4 weken. U kunt d..
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