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Smoking in a car with children, Flanders now issues fines for it

Smoking in car forbidden in BelgiumThe only smoke that can escape from a car comes from the exhaust. And with an electric car only when the battery is on fire. Because if Flemish people smoke while children are in the car, they risk a fine of up to a thousand euros. Belgium is not the first country in the world with such a rule, also in Australia, France, England, Wales and parts of America and Canada are also fines for smoking in the car with children. What will the Dutch government do against smoking in the car?

Flemings are no longer allowed to smoke in the car

For clarity; when adults drive the car, you can still smoke as much as you want. But if there are children aged 16 or younger in the car, you are punishable. This rule only applies to Flanders, the bill did not make it at national level. Flanders and Wallonia have partly divergent legislation. The closed space ensures that smoke lingers, and children's lungs are extra sensitive to cigarette smoke.

Is it still allowed to vaporize?

Vapers that use an electric cigarette are also no longer allowed to vape with children in the car. Although smoke and vapor are not the same, the law applies to both tobacco smoking and e-liquid vapors. The rule is mainly aimed at smokers, because the harmful effects of smoking tobacco have been known for a long time. Little is known about the influence of 'second-hand' vapor, the Flemish government is on the safe side.

Common sense without smoking

Children often have no choice and must ride in the car with parents or other adults. Under these circumstances it is not wise to light a cigarette. In Belgium there is a law in force, in the Netherlands an appeal is made to the "common sense" of the motorists. It is not known how many people smoke in the car in front of children. There are also no figures available on how often fines have been issued.