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Smoking more expensive and possibly in fewer and fewer places

Price of cigarettes: smoking is getting more and more expensiveApril 2020, a dark day for inveterate smokers. Prices for cigarettes cost 1 euro more than before, rolling tobacco can become more expensive up to 2.40 per pack. So discouragement through the wallet, but that's not the only way smokers are freed from their dangerous habit. It turns out there is still a big stick behind the door; Corona.

Virus as a smoking aid

You would almost believe the stories of a "conceived" virus, because if there is one positive outcome of COVID-19, it is the fact that smoking has suddenly become a lot more difficult. Not only are smoking products now banned at all NS stations in the Netherlands, because of the Corona virus, 111 kiosks at stations were already closed. So there are far fewer options to buy cigarettes, even if you can afford them at all. Social smoking is also a thing of the past, sharing a cigarette 1.5 meters away or having a nice chat in a cloud of smoke is no longer an option. To combat passive smoking, the Coronavirus is an outright panacea, perhaps that "society 1.5 meters away" is not such a bad idea.

Schiphol sees them flying

It had been a strange situation for some time; vaping with e-cigarettes was prohibited at Schiphol Airport, while smoking was still allowed in the special smoking area. This has now also come to an end, because Schiphol is now also a completely smoke-free zone. Shops that still had an old stock of cigarettes will still sell these cigarettes and tobacco at the old price, because it is legally not allowed to make the price of products from the previous production date more expensive. Advertising and even visible display is now no longer allowed, attractive packaging to seduce smokers is now a thing of the past. This also applies to e-cigarettes, the alternative to smoking which, according to various studies, would be 95% less harmful than tobacco.