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SP MP Harry van Bommel quit smoking due to hypnosis

SP MP Harry van Bommel quit smoking due to hypnosis

In 2016, former SP MP Harry van Bommel decided to accept an offer to quit smoking. After just one session, he resolutely quit smoking cigarettes. Is hypnosis the solution to get rid of smoking, or are there also signs that it may not work as easily as is assumed here?

Harry van Bommel quits smoking

It was a television broadcast in 2016 in which Van Bommel was invited by a hypnotist to follow a session. The hypnosis expert was a dentist profession, which made a reliable impression on Van Bommel. After a short session he left cigarettes and has not smoked since. At least we think so. Because besides reporting about quitting, there is no follow-up anywhere.

Quitting smoking is not difficult

If you count the time between two cigarettes as quitting, everyone quits smoking. This also applies to Harry van Bommel, who had previously been smoke-free for eight years, but without hypnotherapy. In 2004 he fought for a smoke-free society, but SP group leader Jan Marijnissen was unfortunately a smoker. So he had already proven to be able to quit, but has started again. And there the claim of hypnotherapy crumbles a bit.

Hypnotherapy or willpower?

A sample study determined that people who voluntarily quit smoking without aids are just as likely to quit smoking permanently as former smokers who use hypnotherapy. Some critics therefore speak of a "placebo effect". Quitting is quitting, and you should be happy about that. Whether it is on its own willpower or with the belief in hypnosis. Other smokers choose nicotine patches or e-cigarettes to get rid of smoking. It has been shown that people who quit without a nicotine alternative are more likely to revert to their old habit.