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Stop smoking books and CD's-stop methods

If you want to quit smoking but don't like pills or plasters, there are alternative ways to get rid of your addiction. For example, e-liquid vapors with e-cigarettes seem to work for a lot of people, you can also try it with books or audio CDs. How does smoking quit work via books and CDs?

Stop smoking books

Many books have been written about quitting smoking. By psychologists, authors who have themselves successfully stopped or other types of self-help books. Well-known examples are the Allen Carr method, the Moos method or the Netherlands stops! Smoking. The methods differ from frightening to promoting a positive life without addiction. It is possible to gradually phase out or resolutely stop when you finish reading the book. Because not everyone works the same way, not every method will work either. Therefore, look at book reviews to determine if it fits your character and addiction.

Stop smoking CDs

There are also ways to get rid of your addiction with audio books and CDs. This can vary from spoken audio books that you can listen to for example during a drive to work, or special sounds that bring you into a meditative state to get rid of your addiction. For example, there are specific sound waves that can help you stop smoking. Just like with the books, there is a chance of success, although of course this cannot be guaranteed with 100 percent certainty. You will still have to have the discipline to stop lighting a cigarette.

With or without tools?

Some methods will advise against further aids, with others it is recommended. Think of the vaping of an e-cigarette, where you replace tobacco with e-liquid. You can then gradually reduce the nicotine requirement to zero, the information in the self-help book can give you extra support. In any case, don't give up, because stopping smoking only brings benefits.