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Stop smoking by reducing and reducing

Do you have to stop smoking at once, or can you reduce this evenly? The answer is that it differs from person to person. Because there is more to it than the addiction to nicotine, you will also have to change your personal behavior pattern. You can do this yourself or opt for aids that discourage you from smoking again. You can read on this page how to stop smoking by reducing and reducing.

1. Determine a reduction schedule

First count how many cigarettes you smoke per day, this can be a surprise. Then you start with one cigarette less per day. Drop a standard smoking moment or skip a "snack" by scheduling another activity. Every week 1 to 2 cigarettes go out of your schedule until you discover that you no longer need any cigarettes. Make sure you have enough to do, because you have a lot of time!

2. Leave it to the technology

"Smokers Countdown" is a kind of stopwatch that you can put in a pack of cigarettes. You set a smoking schedule, as soon as the light turns green you can take another cigarette. This helps you to build up a rhythm and forces you to keep increasing the intervals. Here, too, you are building back in steps, this time with an objective observer.

3. E-liquids with less nicotine

It works slightly differently with e-cigarettes. You can buy e-liquids with more or less nicotine. For example, you can go from 18 mg to 12 mg, to 6 mg, 3 mg and ultimately 0 mg. Do not do this too quickly, otherwise you will want to light a cigarette again to compensate for the shortage of nicotine. Keep in mind that there are far fewer health risks in e-cigarettes with nicotine than in standard tobacco cigarettes.

Other methods are for example nicotine patches, chewing gum and pills, in addition you can think of psychological methods including meditation, a new hobby or support of your friends.