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Stop smoking tips - reduce the craving for a cigarette

Stopping smoking is very easy, many people do it multiple times a year! Permanently removing this harmful habit from your life is a lot harder. Everyone must follow his or her own path in this; with STOPtober, plasters, e-cigarettes or lollipops. Here are 3 tips to stop smoking that can really help you get rid of this addiction.

1. Nicotine is not the greatest danger

Although nicotine is an addictive substance, there is not the greatest danger there. These are the tar, soot, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances contained in cigarettes. That is why nicotine patches are less harmful than smoking, as are e-cigarettes with vapor instead of smoke. It is of course nice if you can get rid of this addictive substance, but first focus on the most critical dangers of smoking.

2. Search for other habits

It's not just about burning tobacco, we all have our rituals. Turning a "sjekkie" to take a break, having a break on the terrace with your colleagues during the break ... these are habits that are inextricably linked to smoking. We are simply creatures of habit, so get used to other and more responsible habits. Is there a pinball machine nearby? Or stare at an aquarium for five minutes every day and give all fish a name and "story". You could undertake something radically different, such as sports!

3. Time for a major cleaning at home!

Take care of your home. Remove everything that has to do with cigarettes, throw away lighters and ashtrays and open the windows to let the smoke smell blow away. This is a good opportunity to texen the wall, and perhaps to lay a new floor covering. This keeps you busy and it heralds a new chapter in your life. After all, you save a lot of money by not smoking anymore!

Don't be discouraged when you fall back and share a cigarette with your friends. Start again and look ahead. There will come a time when you will stop forever and really will not start again.