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Stopping smoking is easy

Stopping smoking is easy

While everyone thinks that quitting smoking is difficult, author Allen Carr comes up with exactly the opposite statement: Quitting smoking is easy. He can know because Carr has stopped smoking several times in his life. The problem is that he started again and again later. In 1983 he finally discovered a way to stop permanently, which he continued until his death in 2006. His method is called "Easyway". Is it really that easy to quit smoking as Allen Carr claims?

Note: We do not recommend products, medicines or books with which you can get rid of a smoking addiction. We only provide information about this subject.

Is quitting smoking easy?

Everyone is looking for a simple solution to get rid of a problem. When you smoke and want to stop, the prospect of long-term suffering is often enough to continue happily. Allen Carr came up with a step-by-step plan to get rid of smoking without medication, nicotine patches or e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes did not exist yet when Carr came up with the Easyway, but they fall under the "tools" that you do not need according to this author of self-help books. After you have expressed that last cigarette you will never again smoke an (electric) cigarette. That sounds good right?

Is the Easyway method really easy?

With the notiton of "never ventured nothing gained" Allen Carr has sold many books. With the basic idea that there is a 99% smoking addiction between the ears, you will be convinced that smoking offers no benefits when reading the Easyway method. The book gives you insight and hopefully the power to easily quit smoking, and to keep that up. Alternatives are nicotine substitutes and for example vapors with an e-cigarette. Are you going for these tools or do you trust 100% on your own strength, with a little help from Mr. Carr?