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STOPtober, quit smoking with the electric cigarette

Are you planning to participate this year, or has it already become an annual ritual? October is now STOPtober, a month to quit smoking. So stop completely, on your own and without aids such as the electric cigarette. Why do nicotine patches and e-cigarettes not actually fit in STOPtober, and are there advantages with vapors compared to complete stopping?

How does STOPtober work?

Just as we all make good intentions at the start of a new year, STOPtober is an initiative to quit smoking together for a month. Because it is a shared effort, the chance of a permanent stop would be greater, and a month is enough to get rid of the nicotine addiction.

Long-term effect of stopping

A study at the University of Leuven has concluded that most smoking cessation aids have a good effect in the first month, 75% of former smokers no longer light a cigarette. However, after three months the percentage decreases, especially for users of medicines and nicotine substitutes. So there is more to it than a dependence on nicotine, and a month does not seem to be enough to stop.

Why e-smoking works

The habit of smoking plays an important role in smoking addiction, it is not just about the nicotine. For vapors, there is a choice of both nicotine-containing and nicotine-free vapors, with a number of gradations in between. For example, it is possible to reduce the need for nicotine, but the "psychological" need for a cigarette may continue to exist. Some dampers continue to operate while other users no longer need this tool.

Why STOPtober is not behind e-cigarettes

According to specialists, vapor is up to 99% less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, and is an effective method to get rid of cigarettes permanently. It is not exclusive a way to reduce the nicotine intake, and the psychological habit can remain. STOPtober applies a "hardline" approach without a transition phase, and patches or dampers do not fit in with that. If you want to stop smoking permanently, choose the method that suits you and you can continue for more than a month!