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Sub Ohm E-liquid differences

Sub Ohm E-liquid differences

Most e-cigarettes work with a clearomizer with a range between 1.5 and 2.5 Ohm. These are excellent values ​​to generate a good vapor, but for the true lovers of hot and much vapor there are the Sub Ohm clearomizers with a range lower than 1 Ohm. To achieve the optimal performance of these clearomizers, you will also need to purchase Sub Ohm E-liquid. You can read the difference with normal E-liquid on this page.

Note: You can read information about Sub Ohm E-liquid here, we do not give buying advice. We also do not charge products for electric smoking.

What is Sub Ohm E-liquid?

A clearomizer with a range that goes below 1 Ohm can start splashing with standard E-Liquid. This is because the viscosity of the liquid is too low for this low value. The composition of Sub Ohm E-liquid differs from the standard liquids, resulting in a higher viscosity. This goes against the effect of splashing.

Not for every vaper

The concept of Sub Ohm mods has been around for some time, the goal is to generate more vapor. But it soon became apparent that the standard liquids are not really suitable for this type of vapor. Producers of E-Liquid have therefore launched new products with a specific composition for these clearomizers. These are really products for the "modders" who like to look up the limits of their electric cigarettes. A huge amount of vapor is a popular effect. The vapor that is released does have a higher temperature, and that does not appeal to every user.

Buy Sub Ohm E-liquid

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