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Sub Ohming

Sub Ohming for advanced electric smoking

The developments in the field of electric smoking or rather vaping are not standing still, Sub Ohming is a new form of vaping that is popular with especially the advanced e-smokers. What is Sub Ohming, how does it work and is it something for you? You can read this on this page!

Note: We do not give purchase advice regarding Sub Ohming, you will only find general information on this subject on this page.

What is Sub Ohming?

Standard electric cigarettes use a clearomizer that offers a resistance between 1.5 and 2.5 Ohm. This gives you a vapor experience that is experienced as pleasant by most users. For people who like to get as much vapor from their mod or boxmod as possible, Sub Ohming is more suitable. By bringing the resistance below 1 Ohm you can generate huge vapors. We also call this "Cloud Vaping" because of the enormous production of vapor (not smoke!).

What do you need for Sub Ohming?

A boxmod with a power of at least 30 watts.
A coil that can handle this power (is stated on the tank or coil).
A battery with a lot of power.
The time and interest to experiment for the most optimal experience.

Is it interesting for everyone?

There is a reason that most electric cigarettes work on the basis of a standard resistance, the experience will be fine for most users. With Sub Ohming not only more vapor is released, the temperature is also a lot higher. When you try to use this way of vaping with cheap sets, the experience can be disappointing, and the battery will wear out faster.

Sub Ohming is certainly not for everyone, but if you like huge fumes it can certainly be an option.