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SuperSmoker e-cigarette

SuperSmoker is known as the manufacturer that launched the first electric cigarette on the market in 2007. In subsequent years, e-cigarettes have become hugely popular worldwide, yet it is the SuperSmoker e-cigarette that first appeared. The purpose of this product was very clear; help smokers to quit smoking by offering them a product that resembles a cigarette in all respects, but without the harmful soot and tar that is released when smoking a cigarette. The SuperSmoker e-cigarette has undergone a number of changes since then, yet the standard concept has been retained. The e-cigarettes of this brand still resemble the old-fashioned tobacco bars.

SuperSmoker for stoppers and starters

It is very difficult to get rid of a smoke addiction. It is not only the presence of nicotine that plays a role, the whole process of a cigarette between fingers, taking an occasional blow, these are actions with a psychological impact that you cannot take away with a nicotine patch. The SuperSmoker e-cigarette with Bluetooth gives the same familiar feeling but with vapor. The SuperSmoker EGO is slightly simpler and ideal for starters. The disposable models are attractively priced, which makes them interesting for stopper. On the other hand, they are also products for starters, because nicotine is often present in the e-liquid. The addiction will not just disappear, but will be moved to a method without combustion and based on evaporation. It is possible to reduce the need, in which case disposable models can ultimately be expensive. Supersmoker has e-liquids with fruit flavors, but also coffee, tobacco, chocolate and menthol.

SuperSmoker e-cigarette new generation

Other brands have developed innovative models that no longer resemble a traditional cigarette. SuperSmoker will probably not go that far, but they have now expanded their product line with various starter kits, other flavors and refillable electric cigarettes. The brand still stays close to the wishes of former smokers, with modern functionality to further improve the vapor experience.

Brand: Supersmokerclub Model: Supersmoker EGO
De Supersmoker EGO, de oplaadbare (zelf) navulbare elektronische sigaret. ..
€ 19.95 Ex Tax:€ 16.49
Brand: Supersmokerclub Model: Supersmoker Bluetooth e-Sigaret
De Supersmoker Bluetooth! Met de Supersmoker bluetooth kan je bellen en gebeld worden en muziek afspelen via de speaker die in de Supersmoker is ingebouwd!  De bluetooth eGo is standaard voorzien van een e-vod bottom coil clearomizer. Met de e-vod bottom coil kun je hele grote damp wolken mak..
€ 30.00 Ex Tax:€ 24.79
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