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Support the petition for a better vapor policy!

Is smoking the same as fumes? A non-smoker who once stood next to a smoker and a damper will probably have an opinion about that. Many medical professionals have concluded that fumes may not be as healthy as not using e-cigarettes, but much less harmful than smoking. The Dutch government seems to ignore these conclusions, and equates smoking and fumes with each other legally. The Acvoda interest group wants to convince politicians in the Netherlands of the differences between smoking and fumes with a petition that can be signed until 14 October 2020. Why would you participate in this petition? We would like to explain that.

England promotes e-cigarettes

In the UK, e-cigarettes are promoted as a "better" alternative to smoking. Not only the Prime Minister is positive about vapors, hospitals also do their best to persuade smokers to start vaping instead of smoking. This is a completely different position than the Dutch government takes with regard to e-cigarettes.

The EU knows the facts

Almost all Europeans are often kicked at the European Union, yet it is hard to deny that in addition to bag fillers, there are certainly also very skilled people in Brussels. In addition, the EU is also a sounding board where ideas are discussed by leading politicians who determine policy within Europe. For example, vapors were critically discussed, based on the medical facts that are currently known. The European Union seems positive about the e-cigarette, but not all individual countries get on board.

The importance of the Acvoda petition

For or against, fumes is just not the same as smoking. The Hague has to be critical, to put everything together is irresponsible. With eight million deaths a year worldwide as a result of smoking, we cannot afford the government to rely on emotions rather than facts and scientific research. Go directly to the petition page of Acvoda and participate to bring the Dutch government to new insights.