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Switch to e-cigarette beneficial to health according to RIVM


Although the scientists of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) work on behalf of the Dutch government, this does not mean that they are always aligned. This is the case with e-cigarettes. While the current government equates fumes with smoking, the specialists take a different view.

No stepping stone to smoking

It is often claimed within politics that e-cigarettes encourage people, especially young people, to smoke, which in turn leads to smoking. This does not appear to be based on facts, because a survey of more than 1,300 users showed that 97.3% had smoked for more than ten years. Of that group, 72.2% did it because of the health effects. This is in line with other findings, also internationally. Vaping is a means to quit smoking, not to start it. This also applies to young people, who in recent years have not only left out e-cigarettes but also started smoking less and less.

E-cigarettes are not hip and trendy

Another misconception is the "hip" image of e-cigarettes. It cannot be denied that manufacturers of some mods and box mods go out of their way to design beautiful cabinets. Still, users don't see e-cigarettes as a fashion statement at all, and don't even pay attention to the design. There will be a limited group that likes to buy a fashionable damper, but this percentage turns out to be negligibly small.

Quitting smoking is difficult

Quitting smoking every year is a well-known ritual. That it always fails indicates how strong the appeal of cigarettes is once you smoke. Nicotine patches and gum do not replace all aspects of smoking addiction, e-cigarettes are getting closer. This can potentially be a risk, stopping completely is always better than replacing. That is why RIVM and international organizations see the e-cigarette as a temporary tool to make smoking cessation easier, without promoting these products as a permanent replacement.