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Switch to e-cigarette for smokers

Switch to e-cigarette for smokers

The electric cigarette has been developed to help smokers to get rid of cigarettes. Switching to an e-cigarette is best when the experience matches what you are used to. Nowadays you see more and more luxury sub-Ohm products on the market. Are these e-cigarettes suitable for switchers or not?

Note: We explain the differences between MTL and DTL vapors on this page. This information can be used when switching to an e-cigarette. It is not intended as sales advice.

Why switch to e-cigarette?

Let's start with some benefits that switch to e-cigarettes offers to smokers:

  • No dangerous tar and soot that occurs when burning tobacco.
  • Possibility to reduce nicotine need.
  • Vapors are often cheaper than smoking.
  • Many types of e-liquid with all kinds of flavors available.
  • Various methods of vapors and settings for customized experiences.
  • No harmful smoke for the environment.

There will be other benefits per person, compared to smoking cigarettes, there are in fact no disadvantages. Note that your body will respond to smoking cessation in the first few weeks. These consequences are not caused by the vapors, but by not smoking anymore!

MTL or DTL vapors?

MTL stands for 'Mouth To Lung', this corresponds to the sense of standard smoking. The coil will have a resistance between 1.2 Ohm and 1.8 Ohm. DTL stands for 'Direct To Lung', the vapor goes directly into the lungs. When switching to an e-cigarette, an MTL is the most obvious choice.

Sub-Ohm vapors is more expensive

DTL vapors or sub-Ohm vapors are accompanied by a lot of vapor, high temperatures and more expensive e-cigarettes with more power. DTL also consumes more e-liquid. Nice for the seller, but not always suitable for ex-smokers. An MTL model is more suitable for swingers, upgrading to a luxurious sub-Ohm damper is still possible.

An MTL electric cigarette makes switching to an e-cigarette easier because the experience is almost equal to smoking cigarettes.