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Tabex, Cytisine effective and fast-acting product to quit

Tabex, Cytisine effective and fast-acting product to quit smoking

What would you think of a drug that will permanently stop you from smoking? A solution that is cheaper than comparable products, works faster and has already helped more than 20 million people to stop smoking. There is only one drawback; it cannot be legally sold in the Netherlands. We are talking about Tabex, a product with the active substance Cytisine.

What is Tabex?

Tabex is a brand name, it is mainly about the substance Cytisine. This substance is extracted from plants such as Brem and Gouden Regen. In Eastern European countries in particular, this drug has been used for over forty years to help smokers quit forever. And with success, because research has shown that Tabex and other brands with the same active substances not only work much better than a placebo, it also works better than conventional nicotine therapy. Also the much more expensive Champix, which is often prescribed to get rid of a smoke addiction, has to beat Cytisine. In addition, this substance on a natural basis does not have the possible side effects that Champix does have with a number of users.

Cytisine and fumes

With e-cigarettes, there is a choice of much, little or no nicotine at all. To get rid of a nicotine addiction, it is possible to use Tabex at the same time as e-liquids without nicotine. Why use both methods? Because there is also a familiarization. It is not only about the active substance but also the habit of smoking plays a significant role. And an e-cigarette can help with that.

Illegal in the Netherlands

With all the advantages, it is strange that Tabex and Cytisine are not available in the Netherlands. Especially since you can easily order these products abroad. Unfortunately there are also fake products on the market, so national legalization and regulation could offer a solution. With 20,000 tobacco deaths in the Netherlands on an annual basis, it is time for the Dutch government to take measures, stopping without an alternative is simply impossible for many smokers.