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The cheating cigarette is just as harmful to health

Harmful cigarette industryIt seems so simple. The cigarette manufacturer makes holes in the filter, so that less tar, soot and nicotine enter the lungs of the smoker. For example, smoking is suddenly less harmful to health. But does it really work that easy? No, it has even led to charges of manslaughter and / or attempted serious ill-treatment. How does the cheating cigarette work in theory, and why does it not work in practice?

Holes in filter cigarettes

A filter allows smoke to pass through to the lungs and, in addition to the nicotine kick, also releases tar, soot and all kinds of other toxic substances. By making small holes in the filter, some of these harmful substances escape, making smoking suddenly much less unhealthy. At least that's the theory. In practice, users cover the holes or inhale more deeply than before with a cheating cigarette because otherwise they do not experience the same feeling as with a standard cigarette. In fact, because the nicotine requirement does not decrease, but the dose per cigarette does, people start smoking more cigarettes, which is of course a genius move commercially. And all this under the guise that cigarettes with holes are "better for health".

The underlying reason

If tobacco manufacturers took the health of the smoker seriously, they would grow carrots or something like that. These big companies think of profit, not the health of their customers. The holes are not there to help the smoker, but to influence the test results of cigarettes. Harmful emissions are measured in laboratories that test with machines. Because some of the harmful substances disappear through the holes, the results of a cheating cigarette will be better. But this has nothing to do with smoking behavior and the need for nicotine. Various organizations and individual victims sounded the alarm and filed a lawsuit.