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The consensus on health effects of vaping

Public health experts talk about e-cigarettes

Through anecdotes, rumors and reports from interest groups, the conclusions of real scientists seem to be snowed under in the discussion about e-cigarettes. In England, politicians and scientists are quite positive about fumes as an alternative to smoking, let's summarize the findings or some prominent specialists in this blog.

1. Professor Ann McNeill or King's College in London believes it is important to separate smoking and fumes. It concerns different habits with different effects, by throwing everything together in one heap creates confusion among the general public. And that's exactly what happens in the new Dutch regulations by subjecting cigarettes and vaping products to the same rules.

2. Professor John Britton of the University of Nottingham not only looks at the user, but also at the environment. Vapor from e-cigarettes does not contain the same harmful substances as is present in cigarette smoke. "Second Hand Smoke" is much more dangerous than "Second Hand Vape", making fumes not only better for smokers, but also for bystanders.

3. Deborah Arnott of the ASH interest group emphasizes that the myth that young people are massively throwing themselves into e-cigarettes is unfounded. In addition to experimenting, few young people appear to make fumes a habit. In fact, they are increasingly ignoring smoking.

4. Professor Robert West of the University College in London indicates that smokers are motivated to quit smoking thanks to the e-cigarette offer. Smokers want to quit, and see e-cigarettes as a (temporary) alternative to reduce their addiction and, if possible, to stop it altogether. Instead of a step towards smoking, e-cigarettes appear to be a means to stop smoking.

These scientists are not hired by pro-vapor lobbyists, they are simply specialists who have drawn conclusions based on verifiable data. And those are predominantly positive in England. Then why is the Dutch government so negative about e-cigarettes?