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The e-cigarette as an aid

The e-cigarette as an aid

Recently researchers have been focusing on e-cigarettes. That is about time, because these products have been around for quite a few years and they are becoming increasingly popular. Just as we see in society as a whole, there seems to be a considerable polarization about the e-cigarette as a tool. There is a group of scientists who are in favor of using these products, and a group that is completely against it. Dr. Esther Croes tries to approach this discussion in a neutral way, and came to a number of interesting conclusions.

Deadly and healthy at the same time

Croes showed a striking example during her presentation. In the same newspaper, an article was published about the "fact" that e-cigarettes are 15 times more carcinogenic than cigarettes, and an article stating that an e-cigarette is just 95% less harmful than a cigarette. Croes indicates that all products are lumped together, which makes these types of messages unreliable. The composition of e-liquids can also vary enormously.

It's about behavior

From smoking to fumes is no end station, it is a stop on the way to the final destination. The e-cigarette as an aid appears to work better than nicotine patches. This is not so strange, because plasters only supply nicotine, they do nothing with the motor memory. Just as a pianist can blindly find the keys of a piano, a smoker needs a cigarette in his hand. The ritual is also addictive, not just the nicotine.

Danger for children

The chance that children will switch to a real cigarette after an e-cigarette is high. But without e-cigarettes, it is very likely that these young people would go straight to tobacco. With the e-cigarette as an aid, the intention is that smokers quit this 100% proven unhealthy habit, and in the long term can also stop vaping. Dr. Croes does not want to take a hard position, but she states that fumes are better than continuing to smoke.