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The E-cigarette industry is NOT the tobacco industry

Is the e-cigarette made by the same companies that also make normal cigarettes? For a (small) part, the majority of brands and products are not in the hands of "Big Tobacco". By throwing them together, the e-cigarette looks like a new way of smoking, while it is actually a very different category that the tobacco industry is afraid of.

Made for the father of Hon Lik

Hon Lik is a pharmaceutical and electrical engineer from China. In 2003 his father suffered from cancer, and he was no longer allowed to smoke cigarettes from the doctor. Hon Lik came up with an evaporator with which his father could inhale nicotine, so that the "incentive" of smoking was simulated in a responsible manner. It was too late for his father, but the concept proved successful. He applied for a patent, Philips Morris wanted to buy this invention. He was afraid that the project would not be developed further, because the tobacco industry did not feel like competition. By keeping the market open, new brands were given the opportunity to develop their own dampers. A number of Chinese pharmaceutical companies were going to produce e-cigarettes en masse, based on the knowledge they had gathered from medical science.

The tobacco industry is seeing market share fall ... in the West

Although the number of smokers in the Western world is declining, Big Tobacco has found a new market in developing countries. Instead of developing new products that are less unhealthy, they are looking for new victims who see cigarettes as a status symbol. This was actually the same with the electric car, which was virtually "murdered" by established car manufacturers. Watch the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?". Vapors with nicotine have an addictive effect, but you can reduce. This is of course not desirable for the commercial interests of tobacco manufacturers. That is why they lobby hard to put vapors in a bad light. After all, they have to find new "patients" for all those victims of smoking ...