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The electric cigarette doesn't taste at all, does it?

“Yuck, electric smoking is gross. I tried it once but never again! " This is a comment that dampers regularly hear. That is a shame, because e-cigarettes are safer than smoking tobacco, for the user and the environment. There are also many satisfied users. Are they not that demanding or do they know something that other people do not know?

Not all e-cigarettes are the same

Smokers who want to try e-smoking sometime often start with a cig-a-like. This is a (disposable) cigarette that looks like a normal cigarette. There is no button on it, you don't have to read a manual first, just take it and you're done. They are also much cheaper than complete sets. Yet there are disadvantages to cig-a-likes:

  • If they are empty you can throw them away, not really environmentally friendly.
  • The vapor production is too limited for many users.
  • The taste does not correspond 100% with the known cigarette.

In addition, out of ignorance, people often do not know how much nicotine they should choose (12mg roughly corresponds to a standard filter cigarette). It just doesn't taste good, it feels a bit weird and the experience is not pleasant. This is because there is quite a difference between brands and types, you cannot see one unpleasant experience as a definitive test of vapors.

Now what?

There are dozens of brands, hundreds of flavors and countless variations, how do you find what suits you? Take a look in a few web shops for more information. Due to strict legislation, it is not permitted to provide really useful information, so check out damp forums. Of course you have to take the tips with a grain of (nicotine) salt, because these too are individual experiences and opinions. You will soon discover that there is a lot of choice, and that the quality and experience can vary enormously. You can experiment with a mod or boxmod until you find the right combination, this is not always the same as you are used to from that cigarette.