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The number of young people smoking tobacco in America

The number of young people smoking tobacco in America is falling due to e-cigarette

Advertising cigarettes is a worldwide taboo. When the iconic Marlboro cowboy died of cancer, the era of 'tough' smoking was actually over. But nicotine has held smokers for years. Now the tide seems to be turning in the United States, where, according to research, fumes have already tasks about half of the cigarette market. And there are more positive sounds from America.

Young people smoking tobacco in America are dying out

The smokers aged 65 and over do not want an e-cigarette, with only half a percent of the total number of smokers. But it is actually already too late for that. The majority of e-cigarette users have an age between 18 and 29 years. This is also the category in which most of the smoking is done. All in all, the number is still much lower than it used to be, more and more people are stopping or just not starting anymore. The increasing popularity of e-cigarettes does not come from starters, but rather from stoppers. Smokers who switch to vapors, or use both methods together.

Taper down, not build up

Although it is often assumed that fumes lead to smoking, the opposite is true. Smokers use electric cigarettes to get rid of their smoke addiction. Because e-cigarettes are available in different nicotine levels, it is easy to gradually reduce the need. In addition, vapor is less harmful than smoke, which in addition to soot and tar contains many more harmful substances. This is confirmed by Dr. Kenneth Warner, from the School of Public Health, University of Michigan. He did research on e-cigarettes and concluded that it is a better alternative than smoking. He also indicates that electric fumes can help stop smoking.


The Marlboro cowboy was no longer allowed to experience it, Joe Camel also left the scene a long time ago. The number of young people smoking tobacco in America is falling, partly thanks to the e-cigarette.